Sunny February!

I gave myself this morning off from my usual Monday responsibilities and took advantage of this unseasonably sunny weather!

Screenshot 2016-02-08 16.33.43

It was Janice and I and we went on the Green River trail.

Despite having an infamous name and going through such unglamorous industrial suburbs as Tukwila and Kent, the Green River Trail is actually one of my favorite trails. Maybe because it meanders under and over highways, through Casino parking lots and industrial parks, this trail is usually mostly empty. That’s how I like my biking trails, empty. I can tune out the highway noise and ignore the Boeing employees on their cigarette break, as long as I don’t have to share the road with countless other users.

Janice and I biked around 20 miles of the trail (we got to the spot where there’s currently trail improvement going on, pretty close to the Green River Natural Resources Area and then turned around). It was a lovely day. It feels like spring is just around the corner!

A bald eagle overhead!

We spotted a few eagles flying overhead and I wished I had a better zoom lens on my camera!

It’s a treat to explore the Green River trail. The speed limit on the trail is 15, and there are at least a couple of bridges where you need to dismount and walk your bike, so keep that in mind when you’re zipping by. There are lots of places to park along the way, but we usually park at the Cecil Moses Memorial Park, right next to the Boeing office buildings. If there’s a more convenient north end place to park, I haven’t discovered it yet.

  • My YTD Hiking Miles: 9.2
  • My YTD Biking Miles: 63.1

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