Redhook and Back

Seattle isn’t always dreary and gray, but this time of the year it is more often than it’s not. But should that stop us from getting on our bikes?! (Most of the time) Heck no!

Seattle is more misty than rainy. To quote Lisa, who did not join us on this ride, it’s like the mist at the produce department at a grocery store… Yeah, you’ll still get wet, but not as quickly as when it is just out right raining.

So, braving the weather, we went out yesterday (Sunday) and did 20 miles. Except for Keenan, who actually biked from his house to our meeting spot, at the Redhook Brewery in Woodinville. It was more like a 60+ mile day for him.

We met at the brewery and headed north, going around the lake, through Bothell and to Lake Forest Park. At some point (at around 10 miles), we turned around. It was misty. I had four layers on, so I wasn’t cold, but the chill set in after the ride. I try to always remember to bring a dry set of clothes to change into after a ride. Otherwise, it can get very uncomfortable very quickly.

Me, Megan, Janice & Keenan

Here we are, stopping at the top of the lake. In addition to Megan, Janice, Keenan and myself, we had Micah and Collin with us. But those two…  They really needed to get back to the brewery ASAP and missed out on the group photo!

Janice and her new bike

Janice got a brand new (to her) Bianchi road bike and now she’s unstoppable! Now that she’s upgraded from her slow and heavy mountain bike, I’m definitely the slowest of them all. You’ll now find me bringing up the rear, repeating: wait up, you guys!

My Vita

This is my Specialized Vita. It’s not quite a road bike. And not quite a mountain bike. I can take it off road and really feel the bounce, or take it out on the road and really get a work out! But I’m not complaining. It’s a very comfortable bike and I don’t think I’d want to sacrifice all that comfort for more speed. I don’t think there’s a road bike in my future. But just because I don’t really want one, doesn’t mean I can’t admire them, as they zip past me.

At Redhook Brewery

And here’s our whole group at Redhook. Janice, Megan, Collin, Micah, Keenan and me. And no, you probably don’t need glasses. It turns out that Redhook has really good waiters, who do not double as really good photographers…

For this ride we enjoyed the swanky Sammamish River Trail, and then hopped on Burke-Gilman. The two join up at the top of the lake, which is great if you want a nice 60 mile (there and back) ride between Ballard and Marymoor Park.

  • My YTD Hiking Miles: 9.2
  • My YTD Biking Miles: 83.9

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