Jolly Roger’s to Log Boom Park and Back

If I ever open up a pub, I’ll make sure that it’s right next to a biking trail.

Today we started at Jolly Roger’s in Ballard, one of our favorite breweries with great food and beer (where you can bring your kids), which is conveniently located near the Burke-Gilman Trail.

We were hoping to bike 60 miles, but for some reason the memos got misplaced or misunderstood and we ended up having four kids with us. One didn’t even pedal!

At the start of the ride

Doing long distances with the kids can be a real challenge. They’re mostly either hungry, thirsty, cold, tired or have to go to the bathroom (oh, wait. That may have been me).

Somebody may have been cold.

It wasn’t easy, but with the kids we managed to get through 5 miles.

Zyatah, Ashlyn, Lisa, Micah, Keenan, Nani, Dave, William and me

The 5 mile mark from Jolly Roger’s in Ballard is the UW Campus. So we stopped there to get a group photo.

At this point we divided ourselves into children and adults. Dave decided that he and Micah were children, so they took the other kids and turned around.

Dave enjoying Yerba Mate
Lisa and Keenan

Lisa, Keenan and I are definitely the adults, so we continued on for another 10 miles. We made it to Log Boom Park at the top of Lake Washington, and then we turned around. We got a nice even 30 miles. The ride back seemed to be all against the wind, but I don’t think any of us regretted the extension of our ride.

  • YTD Hiking Miles: 9.2
  • YTD Biking Miles: 114

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