Oyster Dome

Looks like someone’s been making sacrifices to the weather gods! Many thanks to those who prayed to Helios and/or Ra. I appreciate everything you do for us here in the Pacific Northwest.

What an amazing day! Lena and I ventured to the Oyster Dome, located close to one of my favorite cute little towns, Bow-Edison. This is one of the very few good hikes that’s snow free this time of the year, so apparently it gets very crowded on the weekends. Luckily, today is Tuesday.


Here’s Lena, Delilah and me. Beyond the dome are the San Juan islands and way off beyond that is Victoria, Canada.

Yes, the day was perfect, but tragically my camera malfunctioned, so all I have are these two pictures that I took with my iPhone. I have a feeling it might be a memory card issue, so hopefully I’ll be able to get a new card and use it again soon. Otherwise I’m doomed to just taking pictures with my phone! I know, first world problems.

The hike itself is rated as Moderate and it really wasn’t too hard. A solid 6. 4 miles, 1,999 ft of elevation gain, according to my Strava and Strava never lies. Most of the hike is switchbacks through the forest. At one point we came across an alley of giant boulders, which look cool and also serve as a good shield for anyone wanting to go pee.

I took loads of pictures of Delilah frolicking like a woodland creature on the trails leading up to the dome, but as I already mentioned, memory card issues…  My camera won’t even let me upload anything now.

To get there take I-5 to the Bow-Edison exit (231) and get on SR 11 (Chuckanut Drive) North. Continue until just before the Oyster Bar, which means get to the Oyster Bar and turn around to park on the West/water side of the street. Once you park, you should see the trail, which starts on the opposite side of the street.

  • YTD Hiking Miles: 15.6
  • YTD Biking Miles: 114

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