Interurban Trail – South

I sat down the other day and did the math (actually, I used the calculator app on my phone): in order to reach my hiking & biking goals I need to hike a little over 8 miles each month and bike around 20 miles every week. No worries! That seems perfectly doable. Especially once the weather really improves and we’ll be able to spend a lot more time outdoors. But this breakdown also reminded me that I can’t really afford to be a couch potato for months, or even weeks, on end.

So today, although it looked like the weather could go either way (there appeared to be a duel between blue skies and a thick, dark gray, cloud cover. Blue skies ended up winning!), I forced myself to get on my bike and go.

Keenan joined me on this ride, because Keenan is unstoppable. By the time we met up at 9:00 am, he already clocked in close to 30 miles by biking to breakfast on the other side of the city and back! He’s been getting about 100 miles every week, so that’s a whole other level of commitment that I can hardly comprehend…


Here we are: Keenan and I.

So we biked around 25 miles this morning. To start we got on the Green River Trail in Tukwila. There is a recreational parking lot by the trail, close to Lowes. It doesn’t have an official name, but it’s on this dead end street (Christensen Rd) by an empty lot. Looks like a high prowl area, so lock your car.

We went north on Green River Trail to where it joins with Interurban Trail South. Once we got on Interurban, we headed back south.

Interurban Tail South (I keep repeating South, because there is an Interurban Trail North, in North Seattle. The two are nothing alike and they don’t even connect) is another one of my favorite trails. Not many breweries around though and watch out for the train tracks, but otherwise it’s a straight shot pretty much all the way to Puyallup. Today we went as far as downtown Auburn and then turned around.

  • YTD Hiking Miles: 15.6
  • YTD Biking Miles: 139.3


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