Bike Touring? Heck Yeah!

Good news! I may not have to worry so much about my bike mileage after all. There is a chance that pretty soon, very SOON, I’ll be on a bike every day, for weeks!

I’d rather not jinx myself (although technically I don’t believe in jinxes), so I’m not disclosing any more details about this upcoming trip, that may or may not happen. If it happens, you’ll hear all about it, and if it doesn’t I’d rather cry about it in private.

Have I ever done any bike touring before? Does a supported 200 mile ride count? No? Then no, I haven’t. But you may have heard me daydream about it out loud. This trip would be at least twice as long as our bike ride from Seattle to Portland last year and an infinity plus one more beautiful!

I have a very comfortable seat, so I enjoy long bike rides. But bike touring?  It’s a whole different beast. Bike touring is when you carry your luggage on your bike. It’s almost like backpacking, but on a bike. One saving grace, this time around: the person on whose trip I’d be piggy backing is not interested in camping. Oh, thank god! So all I have to carry is some bike fixing gear, my journal, my camera, some toiletries, some clothes, and of course pajamas.

In order to carry all that and not die I’ll need a new, more sturdy bike with very low gears to go with those panniers.

Let the the scramble for new gear begin!

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