Choosing a Touring Bicycle

This trip that I’m going on SOON is actually in less than a month. Which means I need to find a new touring bike in the next week or so. That is quite an undertaking!

There are lots of touring bikes out there. Some of the more notable ones are the Long Haul Trucker made by Surly, Pangea made by Co-Motion and the sexy sounding Kona Sutra. Those are the ones that keep popping up on my radar as I’m doing research. But there are more. So many more! I did a quick search for ‘best touring bikes’ and one of the hits was bicycletouringpro’s Top 100 Touring Bikes. Really bicycletouringpro? Top 100? It will take me weeks to even read through this list and I need a new bike by like next weekend!

The specs I’m on a lookout for are:

  1. 26′ wheels – most American made bikes come with 700c wheels. These are bigger, faster and more prone to punctures. Also, they’re not very common off the beaten track and I’m going way off the beaten track on this trip!
  2. No disc brakes – personally I love disc brakes. They’re smooth, responsive and I like how they squeak in the rain. But apparently they’re not very common out there in the big wide world and therefore are more difficult to fix. I know nothing about bike repair, so I’d like to be able to take it in anywhere and find someone who can service my brakes if need be.
  3. Comfort – I want to sit on that bike and feel like I can sit on it for hours and hours for days on end. If it doesn’t feel comfy, I don’t want it.

So that’s my list. I don’t even care if the color is that creamy off-white. Although that would be lovely.


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