Viva Cuba!

My tickets are purchased, so I may as well come out and announce that in less than a month I’ll be in Cuba!

This won’t be my first visit to Cuba (I’ve been there twice before), but it will be my first time biking in Cuba. I will be there for three weeks and lots, and I mean lots, of logistical nightmares have presented itself since I started planning this trip.

I’m still ironing out the wrinkles, revising lists, reading blogs, emailing friends who know more about this than I do and knocking on wood a whole lot. I trust that everything will come together in the end and I’ll have an awesome trip.

But I worry:

Will my phone work in Cuba? Not really. Will I be able to use a GPS bike computer? Not likely. Do I need to bring Canadian dollars, instead of American? No. American dollars are now fine. Will there be access to the internet? Probably not. Do I need to bring everything and forget nothing, because I most likely won’t have a chance to purchase it when I get there? Yes.

When I get back I promise to post an extremely detailed account of my bike journey, with tons of pictures. For now, back to packing and repacking.


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