Test Ride 1.0

Last weekend I went down with the flu. Horrible, horrible experience and one I hope to have learned from. From now on I’ll always get a flu shot in the Fall.

This illness just floored me. And although I’ve had my new bike for a few days now, I haven’t had the strength to take it out and to try it. Until today.

Today I biked on a street near my house for a short three miles. I was mostly just trying to see if the seat is in the right position and was getting used to the new gears.

The bike passed the test with flying colors (btw, since this morning’s ride I went back to the bike shop and customized it some more. New handlebar grips, water bottle cages, a back fender, new pedals, a bell and that super high kick-stand went back, because maybe I don’t need a kick-stand after all), but I was just feeling ill the entire time… I’m constantly exhausted now, low-energy, and coughing up my lungs. I hate being sick!

I have less than two weeks before my trip. I’m not sure if I should be pushing myself and going out on rides (I should, shouldn’t I?) or if I should rest up and get better before my trip. Ah, decisions, decisions…

  • YTD Hiking Miles:19.2
  • YTD Biking Miles: 142.3

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