What a great day to test the waterproofness of my gear!

I was determined to go out today and test ride my bike with a full load. I’m still tweaking what I’m bringing on my upcoming three week bike tour of Cuba, but I want to say that it’s about 95% final. And since I’ve never tried biking with panniers before, I figured today is as good a day as any to try it out.

Let’s just say it was a pretty miserable day to be outside. Not much above 55 degrees (Fahrenheit), which is about 13 Celsius. And what started as a light sprinkle soon turned into the steady cold Seattle rain…  Blah.

Dave and William kept me company, and only complained a little bit. I wanted to get my 20 miles in and I did!


So this is my set up. Two back Ortleib Classic panniers (performed beautifully) and a little front one from North St (made in Portland) that’s small on the outside, but surprisingly roomy inside. This one is also waterproof and although the outside got soaked and wasn’t as simple to dry as wiping it off with a rag (I love that about the Ortleibs!), everything inside remained perfectly dry.


In the back I have a clip-on fender, which did very well and kept worm guts off my tush. Mud I can more or less handle somehow, worm guts not so much. But with this clip-on fender I don’t have to worry about either!

Other than that, I was soaked. Rain got through my jacket and got all the way down to my base layer. My pants got soaked (these don’t even claim to be waterproof) and my shoes were just full of water! Very gross. Surprisingly though, I wasn’t coughing as much as I feared I would. I’m either getting better, or considerably worse.

  • YTD Hiking Miles: 19.2
  • YTD  Biking Miles: 162.8



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