Putting my Bike Back Together Again

It’s easier to take it apart.

First off, I had to keep looking at the pictures I took yesterday, because I completely forgot where the wheels go. In case you forget, here’s a reminder:


The thread on the tires is this: more or less an arrow, and the arrows are facing forward. The back tire is easier to remember, because it has the gear cassette, but the front…  The arrows help!

The screws were harder to get on than to take off.

The derailleur was a nightmare. I couldn’t figure out how to get it on properly, even after watching several YouTube videos!


What the….?


Yeah…. Still not it.

After many tries, I finally figured it out.


Final time: 1 hr 22 min. About five minutes longer to put it together than it was to take it apart. But I’m not complaining! At least I did it…



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