Packing Part 2 – Electornics

When it comes to electronics, I’m going minimalist. No iPad (not that I have one), no laptop, no bike computer, no GoPro.

My iPhone is a must, as is my (compact) camera. The rest of the electronics are accessories to either one or the other.

  • iPhone 6 – not sure how much I’ll use it. I downloaded two apps that were recommended to me: Cuba Junky (it has listings for casa particulares – a Cuban version of Airbnb) and a map app (ForeverMap) that works off the grid. I may get a SIM card that will work in Cuba, or get a whole new phone to use while down there, or maybe just share a phone with a bike buddy. We’ll see.
  • phone charger and cord
  • Olympus Tough camera. It’s waterproof and so tough I don’t even have a case for it.
  • an extra camera battery
  • an extra memory card
  • camera charger and cord
  • external power bank (10400 mAh) that feels a bit heavy, but I took it backpacking last year and don’t regret brining it. Just in case… I’m willing to forgo lots of electronics, but taking pictures along the way is a must.

Total weight: 2 lbs


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