A 6 Mile Urban Hike

I had an hour and a half to spare on Sunday, so I decided to go on a 6 mile urban hike, aka walk.

The other day I signed up to do a marathon, but not a running marathon, mind you. I don’t run. I’ve tried running, but since I don’t enjoy it I decided to stick to things that I do enjoy, mainly hiking and biking. Unlike many other marathons, this one allows walkers, so that’s what I’ll be doing!

This marathon is in three weeks. There is no point in training. First of all, if you’re going to train, you apparently need 16 weeks. Second of all, how do you even train for walking? I have two energetic boxers, so I walk every day. I’ve been walking since I was 12 months old.

However, I realized that I need to break in new shoes, make sure I don’t develop any blisters, and also establish my walking speed.


My friend Lena recommended Hoka One One shoes. I got the Challenger ATR2. They’re a funky looking shoe and require quite a bit of not giving a fig. I feel a little like an astronaut when I wear them and look like a six year old, but they’re SO comfortable! The test walk was a success. They performed beautifully!

Screenshot 2016-05-15 20.35.23

My pace was between 15 min/mi and 16 and a half min/mi. The course is officially open for 7 and a half hours, so as long as I can maintain this pace for 26 miles, I’ll be just fine… I mean, I could do it for 6 miles. What’s 20 more?

Next weekend I’m planning on another walk. This one will be about 12 miles. We’ll see if I can keep up the pace.

BTW, these “urban hikes” aren’t really hikes in my book. They’re in a city, on pavement. The point of a hike is to get out there and maybe run into a bear, not navigate in traffic. So I’m not keeping track of how many miles I walk on pavement. The 100 mile yearly hiking goal is reserved for REAL hikes!



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