Beacon to Mt. Baker (12.6 miles)

I moved to Seattle a long long time ago. Back then I had a friend who worked in a bakery with Stone Gossard and I’d walk over to Krist Novoselik’s house in order to drag my drunk boss back to work, and get coffee with Roderick Romero. If it sounds like I’m name dropping, that’s because I’m feeling a bit nostalgic right now. Nostalgic for the Seattle of 20/25 years ago, when you’d be running into the same people on the street every day, back when it felt quaint.

Back then I’d walk around a lot, discovering the city and falling in love with it. I’d walk from the U-District to Fremont to Wallingford and back around to U-District through Greenlake. I’d walk from Ballard to Phinney Ridge and Greenwood to Crown Hill and back. I’d discover little neighborhoods within neighborhoods and it felt like home.

Over time, Seattle began to change and we started to grow apart. I stayed here, because it still feels like home, but more and more it feels like a home that’s being taken over by uninvited guests. Sure, they’re sprucing the place up. Grunge is dead. RIP. Glitzy condo/mixed-use are taking over. The drunk fishermen of Ballard are all gone from the doorways of its historic brick buildings and hipsters with turned up mustaches in skinny jeans are now lounging all along Ballard Ave.

I’m so sorry Seattle that this happened to you. You used to be known as a dreary, depressing town and that’s what drew me to you. And now? How can we rekindle our love?


On Sunday Jae, Zika and I walked a long way. We started on Beacon Ave, walked down Columbian Way towards Columbia City, then on to 38th St, which took us to Mt. Baker.


We came back down through Mt. Baker Park, walked down by the lake towards Colman Park and turned around.


Walking along Lake Washington we came to Seward Park. On the way back to Beacon we stopped at our friend’s house and sat in her back yard. Zika took a nap. Even a big energetic pup like him got pretty pooped!


I wouldn’t say it was training for the marathon I’m doing in a couple of weeks. It started out this way, me wanting to walk and see if I get blisters (I did not get any! Go Hoka One One!), but it turned into an exploratory walk around some Seattle neighborhoods that I haven’t really explored before.


We stopped for lunch and didn’t rush. It was so much fun!


These super long walks just might be a good way for me to fall in love with my city all over again.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 12.21.00 PM

Don’t pay attention to the pace! We definitely did not try to walk fast.

Screenshot 2016-05-24 12.23.00

Ended up walking 12.6 miles.




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