A Very Lazy Week

I am infinitely disappointed in myself for not sticking to my planned marathon training schedule this week. Last week was great. I went out every day that I planned on going out, but then I realized that training is very time consuming. If only I had no other responsibilities! Unfortunately, I have plenty of responsibilities and carving out a couple of hours per day is quite the undertaking. If I continue training, I’ll need to learn to creatively maneuver my time.

This week? My longest walk was 3 miles long and that was with my son. We went for a walk around Greenlake and stopped for mochas at Chocolati, so I’m not sure it should even count as a training walk.


Greenlake is a very popular park in North Seattle. It’s a small lake, with a path and a bit of green space around it. The walk around it is about three miles. You can walk closer to the lake on the main path, or take another path a little further up that will make it a bit of a longer loop.


Some people will go swimming in the lake (not me!), but mostly geese and ducks like to swim here.


There are several cafes along the three mile walk and I have a feeling that some of the pastries that they sell end up getting fed to the park’s animals. The ducks are very tame and expectant.


As are the squirrels. Don’t look into their eyes, don’t give in, and don’t feed the wildlife!


The park has a large variety of evergreen trees. Many have plaques telling you what they are, in case you’re interested.


Greenlake gets extremely crowded on the weekends (we went on Tuesday morning). I would never bring my bike here, but some people do. Mostly though, it’s just people walking, jogging, a few rollerblades and scooters.

Screenshot 2016-07-03 08.35.57

  • Greenlake Walk: 3 miles
  • Additional walks (with dogs) this week: 5 miles
  • YTD “Urban Hiking” Miles: 96.5
  • YTD Biking Miles: 602.8
  • YTD Hiking Miles: 47




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