Biking Cuba – Day 11 (Guardalavaca to Holguin)

Our last day on our bicycles, on the road in Cuba. Bittersweet day, knowing that it was to be the last one, for at least a while. On one hand I was looking forward to just walking around (something I’m considerably better at than biking), but on the other hand I knew I was going to miss this time spent on my bicycle in Cuba, so I tried to savor every last moment.

Me, Nedene, Jo and Mtn Val

We left our resort hotel in Guardalavaca (Brisas) in the morning and took the rather busy road back to Holguin. Busy, because there are lots of buses that shuffle the tourists back and forth between the airport in Holguin and the beach resorts of Guardalavaca. But I’d say that this is still a very safe road to bike on. Cuban drivers really do know how to share the road.


For those with an aversion to hills: this is not a exactly a flat ride. Not extremely hilly either, but there were a few significant climbs, especially towards the end as we were nearing Hoguin.


Lots of fruit and vegetable stands along the way. We stopped and had some fresh fruit!



Arrived in Holguin early in the afternoon and headed to our casa. It really felt like coming back home. We knocked, Alberto opened the door and greeted us like he’s been waiting for us for days.


Even the dog recognized me!


It felt good to be back in Holguin. It’s not a big city and after the few days spent there I really was beginning to feel like I knew it. At least the downtown core. It’s mellow and walkable and now very familiar.

In the afternoon I once again set out for a walk around town, missing it already. I came across a concert on one of the walking streets!


I don’t think a day went by in Cuba without us hearing music. Even out in the country, when it feels like there’s nothing and no one around, we’d often hear music drifting in from somewhere! Much of it was the traditional salsa or rhumba, but there was also the now very popular reggaeton and classical music as well. This free concert (a staple of a Sunday afternoon in Cuba) was a full blown orchestra!


I usually try not to photograph children, no matter how cute they are, but these boys insisted I take their picture.

For dinner we headed to a restaurant up on a hill above Holguin (we took a taxi, because I wasn’t yet missing my bicycle). Great view of the valley below and the mountains off in the distance. Good-bye, Holguin! I know I will be back.

Screenshot 2016-08-11 09.20.24

Today’s Ride: 36.7 miles, 1,755 ft of elevation gain, moving time: 3:37:18, elapsed time: 4:27:55, average speed: 10.2 mi/hr

YTD Biking Miles: 572.3


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