Poo Poo Point

Not too far from Seattle is a popular hike up on Tiger Mountain – Poo Poo Point via the Chirico Trail.


Why would someone name a knoll on the side of a mountain: Poo Poo? I looked it up and came up with a less than convincing answer claiming that it’s named for the sound a steam whistle makes. Apparently, back in the pioneer days, the sound could be heard from the mountain. Really? Just from that particular spot? And since when does a steam whistle sound like: poo poo? I call BS.


I think the name comes from the feeling that the early pioneers felt when they got to that point. That feeling of being poo-pooed after the vertical climb though a forest! Get it? Poo-pooed? Yes? No?


This is a rather popular hike near the city, which is why I’ve avoided it until now. But now that the real mountain hikes (in the Cascades proper) are still avalanche prone, the only places to go are near the city. It’s always better to go on a popular hike than no hike at all. That’s just my opinion, but I don’t think anyone could really argue with it.


The trail is steep, but pretty. And yes, it is very popular.


Jae, Zika and I went out this Sunday, and apparently so did half of the city. This often happens in Seattle as soon as it stops raining.

Jae, Zika and me

Zika wasn’t the only cute dog on the trail that day. Among the 60 or so other dogs we encountered, I spotted two boxers (!), two great danes, and two very cute pit bulls. Also, golden retrievers, two chocolate labs, Australian shepherds and countless other breeds, both large and small that I did not readily recognize. This doggiepolooza made for a fun hike, especially when I caught a run away pit bull by his collar.


This is a very pretty picture of Mt. Rainier, but can I just take a moment and talk about trail etiquette? Geez, people… Why would you bring speakers on a hike?! On this hike alone we encountered one guy playing hip-hop (not too loudly and the tunes weren’t bad, so he gets a pass), another guy playing a podcast (seriously dude. Have you heard of earbuds?) and then another guy just blasting House music! That was beyond obnoxious. Luckily this group of people were getting on the hike just as we were getting back. Why or WHY?! (And why are they always guys?)

The Olympics from Poo Poo Point

The trail isn’t super long, but it’s steep and it made me huff and puff all the way up. I am so out of shape! Time to really make an effort and start to get out more. This winter just destroyed my stamina.


The first knoll we encountered turned out not to be the actual Poo Poo. Here is where the crowds came in handy. Someone took our picture, while someone else pointed out that this isn’t it, but that we’re “almost there”.


The actual Poo Poo Point has some fantastic views of the Valley, Lake Sammamish and Bellevue (which looks pretty good when you’re this far away). It also has a couple of launching pads for paragliding.


The gliders were lined up in a seemingly endless line. Once one went, another one was ready to go. Apparently this is a rather popular sport for those who aren’t afraid of heights. Some hike up with the gear and some may cheat by getting there by a side forest access road (I think. We saw a road off to the side).

Mt. Baker

From the first clearing you can see Mt. Rainier, and from Poo Poo Point you can see the Olympics and Mt. Baker. Pretty nice views!

So yes, this one was a winner. Jae and I had a great time. Zika complained because he had to stay on the leash the entire time, but we reminded him that a crowded hike is still better than no hike at all.



4.2 hiking miles, 1,657 ft of elevation

YTD Hiking Miles: 6





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