Biking Through Dyrehave

January hasn’t been off to a great start. Suffering from – yet another! – cold (this winter has taught me that it might be a good idea to drink ginger shots every day, sold pretty much everywhere in Denmark, and to bundle up), I stayed low – and snotty – for the first two weeks. This past Sunday, however, I grabbed some extra tissues, wore two pairs of pants and went on a bike ride with Dave.

Do I look cold?

I’ve been missing the deer at the Dyrehave, so that’s where we went. We started in Nærum, where we took the L train from a station close to our house (L is for local). From there we cut through the park, straight towards the Ermitage.

The Ermitage

The Ermitage is the royal hunting “cabin.” I suppose it’s modest enough as far as royalty things go, but you can see it from miles away, so I wouldn’t exactly call it rustic.

The Ermitage from far away

The Ermitage stands for “en hermitage”, which translates to “in solitude.” This is the place where the king and his companions could take a break from hunting and eat in solitude, without any disturbance from the household staff (due to a special device that allowed the dining room table to be hoisted directly from the kitchen and into the dining hall; this thing was in operation until 1759. Yes, I’d call it a little weird).


Once the king’s hunting ground, the Dyrehave is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it has about 2000 deer living in the park. This herd that we came across must have had a couple of hundred!


This place is so amazing! I don’t think I will ever tire of it. It’s like a paradise, with lots of deer droppings everywhere.


Biking through the park is a little bit hilly. It was hilly for me because I haven’t even sat on my bike for at least 4 months. But not too hilly because this is Denmark.

A frozen pond.

No snow, but my god, the weather has gotten so cold! In Seattle, we had this saying about summer: “Summer doesn’t start until after the 4th of July.” In Denmark, there is a saying about winter. They say that winter doesn’t start until after Christmas. I think they’re right.


Dave and I biked the length of the park (north to south) and were planning to turn around and go back to catch a train in Nærum again, but by that time we were completely frozen. Resembling icicles, we headed for the Klampenborg train station (at the southern end of the park) instead.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 9.22.48 PM

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 9.23.47 PM

[Disclosure: in the past, Hike 100 Bike 1000 stood for miles. My goal was to hike 100 miles each year and to bike 1000 miles. Now that I’m in Europe, I am switching to kilometers. I know, 1000 miles is not the same as 1000 kilometers. But this is my blog and I can change the rules whenever I feel like it. So now, my goal is to hike 100 km and bike 1000 km. Considering I biked a little over 50 miles last year, I don’t think anyone minds, right?]

  • This Ride: 11.9 km
  • Elevation Gain: 100 m
  • YTD Biking Km: 11.9




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