Vestamager Walk

There is a great word in Danish – vinterhalvåret – that takes all the cold months of the year and makes them into one season. Because seriously, why bother to differentiate between late fall, winter and early spring if it all feels the same.


But just because mid-afternoon (anytime around 3 pm) feels like late evening and evening (8 pm) feels like midnight, it doesn’t mean that we should just stay home and sleep!


I’ve decided to get out of the house and into nature a lot more this winter. Researching and organizing an entire series of these vinterhalvåret walks has been my latest project.


However, the first walk of this season was suggested to me by my friend Kate.


For this walk, we ventured out to Vestamager, which is a green area fairly close to my new home.


Full of wide-open spaces, some charming forested areas too, and quite an assembly of cows, this green urban area is one of my favorite places in Copenhagen. It’s country, but inside of the city.


I believe Kate and I walked about 8 km on that outing. Unfortunately, I inadvertently stopped Strava about halfway through and wasn’t able to record the entire walk.

Screen Shot 2019-12-06 at 3.48.15 PM.png

This hike: about 8 km

YTD Hiking Km: 56.41


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